Soap and Water.

A bucket and a sponge in her hands
She scrubbed
She knelt on the sidewalk ambitiously
Scrubbing away at the blood of her son

She tried so hard but it didn’t seem enough
“More water” she mumbled
She kept on scratching at the curb with the sponge
“More soap” she said

I looked at her with sadness
I felt her pain
I knelt with her and looked in her face
What could I say?

Her tears joined the mix of water and blood
“More water” she shouted
Her body trembled as she stroked the ground
“More soap” she screamed

No matter how hard she scrubbed
The stain of the blood remained
The blood of her five year old son
It was a stain that would never leave her heart

She gave up and curled on the floor
“More water” she cried
I hugged her in my arms and wept
“More soap” she whimpered

I knew her sorrow
No matter how much she cried
There was never enough
Soap and water.

Soap and Water.