One Day: The Day She Showed Me Perfection.

The way she loved music was so unbelievable. To her music was the perfect storage for moments and memories, that was why she was completely in love with movie scores. It was such a delight watching her soak up whatever tune it was she was listening to. Eyes closed, head moving from side to side, her lips singing along and that hint of a smile on her face. Music was her emotion and she expressed it perfectly.

15th of August, 2011 – 8:46am
I was running late for work and my legs were killing me. My thigh muscles kept pulling and I kept dreading Lara’s constant morning jogs. When we started dating I realized the secret to her well toned figure 8 body was daily morning jogs or speed walking, and this week she finally convinced me to join her. A decision that although my legs are killing me for, my heart was very glad I consented. She always took her iPod with her whenever she jogged to obviously listen to music; so I copied her and took mine although I didn’t pay any attention to the reggae song banging in my ear. You should see her listen to music and jog; it was like she came alive. She was so happy and so rested even in the obvious physical distress, no form of workout could ever make her less appealing to me. Obviously she was a little ahead of me considering jogging had never been one of my favorite pastime, this gave me the ability to observe her. Her jogging was quite like her walk, so elegant and those hips swayed like magic. There was a constant nod of her head in tune with the rhythm of whatever jam she was listening to and I smiled, just because. It was almost 7:30 and it was that time of the year where the sun rose late and slept early, so the sun just began its ascend and I was starting to feel the heat. I was getting really tired so I fell out of the pace with her and was lagging but not far behind. I think she noticed and turned around, she saw my heaving chests and my sharp breaths and she gave a full smile. That was the moment the sun came out of the horizon completely, I looked into her eyes and saw those yellow specks within the brown. She was cast in the most quintessential halo of all time and I knew nothing would beat this moment, ever.

One Day: The Day She Showed Me Perfection.

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