One Day: The Day She Became Rain.

Her love for rain was completely unparalleled. Her favorite pastime was singing and dancing in the rain whenever it rained and she had a chance to. People would run away and seek shelter but she’ll stand there smiling maniacally and singing whatever song comes to her mind first. She was a rare form of artwork.

15th August, 2012 – 8:46am
It was a lazy Saturday. We were both at home and there was nothing to do. We cuddled on the couch and continuously flipped through the channels finally settling to watch Myth busters. There was nothing else to do so we just laid there together entwined with each other when all of a sudden the pitter-patter of rain began. She instantly turned to face me and I could see a sparkle in her eyes, the way she lit up was like magic and I was confused. “I want to dance in the rain” she said, “Okay, have fun” I replied. She gave her heartiest laugh and pulled me with her to the door, all my pleas and begging were for naught because she was hell bent on doing it. Seeing how my pleas were not helping I gave in and let her pull me out the door to the pouring rain. She let go of my hand and started screaming and dancing under the rain like a child that had never experienced rain before. I didn’t care that I was getting soaked, I stopped noticing after a while because I was fixated on her. Hands raised, face lifted and body spinning under the pouring she screamed like a child. She opened up a whole different realm for me, watching her and her antics never got old. It felt renewed each time. I stood there drinking in the reverie of her natural magnificence. She was so dynamic, so unpredictable and she never stopped. I was in love with her and I knew there and then there wasn’t anyone else I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I walked towards her with resolve and surety and pulled her by the waist until our bodies were touching and my eyes were locked on hers, she was startled by my actions.
“Marry me. Marry me and make me the the happiest person on earth till I die. Marry me and make me whole. Marry me so there would never be a dull day in my life ever. Marry me and I promise to dance in the rain with you each and every time. Marry me and be mine Omolara”
The spontaneity of it all was new to me. Her spontaneous self had become a part of me and I liked it. I stood there with her in my arms looking at those beautiful eyes and then she said “Yes Dave, Yes!”

One Day: The Day She Became Rain.

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