One Day: The Day She Was All Yellow.

She loved the color yellow. I never really understood why although she explained it to me but still why yellow? She knew I wouldn’t get it so she didn’t push and I didn’t bother her. Yellow fit her personality – so bright, so unabashed and quite unstoppable. Her favorite song of all time was Yellow by Coldplay which didn’t surprise me at all, the song fit her perfectly. Her personality was always aglow.

15th August, 2013 – 8:46am
We both had the day off and she was feeling too lazy to cook so we decided to go out for an early morning walk and breakfast. She looked so good in her yellow minion top and black shorts, ever aglow. People were rushing to their various places of work while we walked down the street arm in arm without any care in the world. She began humming a song and I sighed. She looked at me “what?” she asked, “which song is that?” I asked, “Yellow by Coldplay” she replied and I gave her a knowing smile. She hit my arm and said “Lemme guess you knew it was going to be Coldplay”, I smiled again and told her “Yes, I did. I just don’t get your fascination with Coldplay. I mean, I know they’re good but are they really all that?”. She gasped and then replied “Oh my God don’t you dare hate on Chris Martin and my boys. You don’t hear me bad mouthing Damian Marley and your reggae obsession. Coldplay makes good music, music that makes my soul feel elevated and I like that okay?”, “Sure sure whatever” I teased. She smiled at me and pecked me on the lips saying “You’re just so stubborn and set in your ways aren’t you?”, “Yes, yes I am” I replied with a big smile. “That’s why I love you and your stubbornness” She said it with so much sincerity and dedication. My heart burst open with love and I just had to let her know how much she meant to me right there in the middle of the street with all the hustle and bustle of the world.
“I love you. I am so in love with you. You are such a special person and I bless the day the stars collided and connived to make us meet because if you hadn’t come into my life I would have been as lost as I am now found; to let you know how lost I was. You don’t make me want to be a better person, you make me a better person. You enhance me, you gloss me up, you make me shine and you perfect me. If the skies fall and the earth gets sucked up and I’m left to reevaluate everything about my life, I would never change anything about our love. With imperfections, you made our love flawless. I bless the day you walked into my life.” and then I kissed her and she kissed me back. She took out her iPod, put the ear phones into my ears and then I heard Chris Martin sing the beginning of yellow. She smiled and began to walk ahead of me, her back turned to where she was going and her eyes fixated on me when she mouthed the words “I Love You”. Chris Martin was right, the sun really shone for her. She was at an intersection and still facing me and smiling at me knowingly like she knew there and then I understood the song and her love for Coldplay. All of a sudden and all at once I heard a car rev up and with unfathomable speed run into her, I saw her body soar in the air and she hit the floor all too instantly. I stood there shocked, I saw her yellow glow get drained out by the red color of her blood all over the road. Her yellow shine was now red, red and ugly. I ran to her screaming her name and holding her in my arms begging for someone to call an ambulance, I saw her ever alive eyes dim and the yellow bits no longer looked yellow. She sputtered blood out of her mouth, looked at my scared eyes and whispered “I Love You” before her eyes closed for the very last time. Even in death, she smelled like coming home.

One Day: The Day She Was All Yellow.

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