The Next Life.

The way we were

A toxic mix of passion and emotion

An uncaged explosion of desire

Pushing back and forth

Such dangerous chemistry

Lethal to both of us

One look at you and I knew how I felt

We had our emotions but we couldn’t have it all

Love wasn’t a constant in our variable ridden heist

I asked you if you were happy; you screamed yes

But there was a hesitation, ever so slight but still a hesitation

I knew I had to leave, it was the only way to prove my love for you.

Now, I see your pregnant self with your husband walking down the street

A beautiful little girl by your side and you are oblivious to my presence

I miss those days we shared but I know what happened was for the best

Maybe in our next life we could make it work

Maybe the next time our love will be infinite

Maybe but in this life we could never be

I watch you smile and all I really want to ask you is:

“Are you happy?”; “Are you really happy?”

A part of me hopes you are but the other part hopes not

Because I’m selfish enough to wish you’ll be sad without me.

The Next Life.