She was uneasy and the creaks the bed made each time she tossed and turned made that evident.

She closed her eyes and remembered those words that made her heart grow wings and soar.

That made her soul float in such a slow peaceful way.

“Ezinne you know you forgot about me.”

It was the way he said it; so innocent, so insecure and so unsure.

She remembered back then how she would hold him and make him feel better. She would heal him with soothing words like mentholated balm to tired feet. She would rock him like a baby if need be.

She reminisced of all these times until she choked with nostalgia and tears found their exit from her eyes. She didn’t cry because she missed him but because somehow when he said those words her first impulse was to cradle him in her bosom.

How she missed those days but not him. He ruined it all. They were perfect together but he wanted more, always. There was only so much of herself she could give until she could give no more.

Hearing his voice after all these months made her feel nostalgic for those days but that was all. She wasn’t sad or undone; she just missed those days.

Those days when she was madly in love and wasn’t afraid to show it, but these days she doesn’t feel anything.

She had been hurt badly and it was a horrible feeling but this emptiness, this unfeeling was even worse. She couldn’t feel and it was worse than anything ever felt.

So somehow hearing him say those words the way he said them put her troubled unfeeling heart at ease and she soared.

Because she never once forgot about him, not for a second. But knowing he felt that way and she was the reason for that gave her peace. She took delight in the knowing and she hoped it hurt whenever he thought about her and those long gone days. And the nostalgia from all the reminiscing not only choked him but left him pale and breathless.

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