You with the hair as dark as charcoal and as stubborn as the tide

Why do you curse your being?

Why do you look in the mirror and spit at your own reflection?

Why do you fill your soul with darkness and discontent?

Why do you hug sadness and welcome dissatisfaction into your heart?

Why do you stay awake all night crying for reasons you don’t know?

You with eyes as bright as day

Why do you store spite within you all the time?

Why do you lock yourself up and wonder which part of your body to cut next?

Why are your words filled with broken glass and needles?

Why are you always so guarded?

Why do you run away from joy and cling to misery?

You with the most beautiful smile

Where did you learn to fill your insides with barbed wire?

Why do you stifle the cries for help coming from deep within your soul?

Why did you let him break you so?

You with the unmatched perfection don’t you know?

Don’t you know you are beautiful

Don’t you know only you can make you happy

Don’t you know happiness is only ours to fight for

Don’t you know the eyes of a lover is never the place to feel beautiful

Don’t you know your pillow is weary of your tears

Don’t you know he isn’t worth it

Don’t you know life only gets better if you will it to

Ireoluwa you have to know.


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