7 days of free writing

Hi people.
Its been awhile I’ve paid any attention to this space and I feel bad for that. I know there really isn’t anything to excuse such bad behaviour but please school and life just took up all of my time. And I sort of lost my writing zeal but things have been put into perspective now and I’m back with hopefully better and more tasteful write-ups.
I’ll be starting a new series called 7 days of free writing which is more of a writing exercise for myself to overcome the effects of writer’s block. Basically, its me posting write-ups I wrote during my free time or one of those times when inspiration chokes me and I’m on a lyrical high. Lol, I’m so poetic (allow me). So I’ll post one everyday for the next 7 days. They’ll range from short stories to not-so-short stories to prose (I really love prose), with varying topics. I really hope you guys enjoy them and I’d reallyyyyyy love to hear your thoughts on each and every one of them. Watch this spaceeee!

7 days of free writing

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