Day 4: about you

I swore to myself today I’d write about you
The thing is I kept wanting to but always found reasons not to
But today I promised myself I’d try
There is something the mind does
It has such powerful evasive tendencies
It redirects, avoids and misdirects
If it wants to
But I was tired of the evasion and the excuses
So I picked up my pen today and declared that I’d write about you
There is something haunting about us, what we had
Sometimes I sit down and wander how could something so seemingly beautiful end up so ugly, so washed up and so unwanted
Life has many quirks, I understand
But I don’t understand the innate peculiarities of them all
But I said to myself that I won’t let the pain of reopening old wounds stop me from doing this
So I made up my mind I’d write about you
The heart is quite cowardly you see
Once bitten, twice shy they say
But the heart once bitten will forever be shy
It becomes scared, fearful, cautious
Sometimes it doesn’t even try,
using apathy as an excuse
But its fear you see
I guess I’m not strong enough
And the wounds haven’t quite healed yet for the bandages to be ripped off
But this is me trying
This is me writing about writing about you
I guess I won’t keep the promise I made
When I swore to myself that today I’d write about you.

Day 4: about you

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