Normally, when asked about what I like doing I would probably write down the same hobbies I had 7 years ago but recently I sat down and asked myself do I really like them? At a point I stopped living my life the way I wanted to because I wasn’t sure of anything. I had become so fickle and indecisive and I was unhappy. I watched The Great Gatsby and I was so interested in the way Nick Caraway would experience everything within and analyze it without. I needed to learn how to do that for the sake of my sanity and then I read a book from the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn where Christy’s uncle said writing down what is in your mind is a good way to collect and analyze your thoughts. It was exactly what I was searching for; I had found a way to be within and without.

I enjoy writing, it started off stressful at first but it became better. The thing is I try as much as possible to avoid writing about myself directly so I tried to write about things I knew little about and they were huge failures, then I read The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell where they said “the key to being a successful writer – write about what you know”. In probably every story I write, there is a piece of me in there waiting to be unraveled. I am a mystery to myself and I don’t mind. I don’t want to be cliche or mainstream and say “I am on a journey to self discovery” or any of those sob story things. I don’t know what I am on, maybe a high paying expedition or something. All in all I won’t stop writing until I am sure I am happy and I don’t have to rely on anyone to ascertain that.

Enough of my not-so-sob-story. No matter how hard edged or cold I try to be, I have to accept the fact that I am in love with love and love stories; A hopeless romantic. I love music and art, I am so obsessed with movie scores. At the moment, I have a lot of time to myself so I’m on this private Grey’s Anatomy marathon and oh my God Grey’s Anatomy has the best movie scores of any series I’ve watched. I want to meet the person that does the scores and hug them and at the same time slap them for being so good. I tear up during each episode, that’s so unfair. I’m not a huge fan of long blog posts, I usually keep my articles short and direct but if anything that threatens to be longer than necessary comes up I shall turn it into a series or something of the sort.

Thank you very much for visiting my about page, if you see something you enjoy please “like” it and if you have pointers or comments please be sure to drop a comment. I hope you enjoy what you read.

– Bisii Adedun.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. adaorauduchukwu says:

    Umm, I just read a story on your blog, is it a true life story? Plus your about me hit some personal spot. Love it especially about being a mystery to one’s self. That’s how I feel

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