Because you loved; and you lost
Yet you will love again
But this time
You will love yourself first

This was the type of love that upended trees whose roots had seen centuries come and go. That blew away mountains like specks of dust.
This was the love that taught you to love: yourself first before any other.
This was the love that taught you how to heal, long before it broke you.


Day 7: fight or flight

what happens tomorrow when the voices take over and your sanity slips from the fragile grip of your mind’s hands
what happens when the past comes hunting you looking to draw blood from you and break you down
what happens in the dark when you’re mentally fighting for your freedom from hands that have held you down every night for the past 6 years
what happens when no one is there to help you through it
you know what they say – fight or flight
flee or stay
are you strong enough to face off the reenactment of your worst nightmares?

Day 7: fight or flight